How to play your new Steel Tongue Drum

Out of the box, your Steel tongue drum is ready to play, no experience needed! You can create your own compositions or learn some simple tunes.

Originally, the steel tongue drum was created from a propane gas tank-slits were cut into a tongue shape to produce notes. Our steel tongue drums are constructed of high carbon steel and should be extremely durable when handled properly. The tongues can be stuck with hands or mallets, we recommended using mallets at first to produce the best tone.

Amahi steel tongue drums undergo a two-step tuning process. First, the tongues are cut to pitch and then refined with the help of strong magnets on the inside of the drum. With extended use, the magnets can sometimes become loose and create a metallic rattle when played. Simply uncap the bottom opening of your drum and move the magnets in place with the end of your mallet.

Your drum can be played anywhere-on a table, your lap or the floor. We currently offer 4 different sizes in 5 different colors. Each drum is tuned to a different scale as follows:

6″-8 note G major scale
8″-8 note C major scale
10″-8 note D major pentatonic scale
12″-11 notes D major scale

Check out this video from our friends at Givens Books!